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Culture at Remington Hotels

Passionate People Thrive

With more than five decades in the industry, Remington knows hospitality. We are a community of focused and passionate people. Led by accessible and authentic leadership, we are driven by a collaborative spirit. Our high performance culture, with clear goals and continual opportunities, offers a path to success.
Remington Hospitality offers high performance culture
Remington Hospitality offers Community Services

Our Values

Corporate Social Responsibility

01. Diversity

Passion lives in everyone, from all backgrounds and diversity. Our guiding principles will only be achieved with the inclusion of different ideas and backgrounds.

02. Community Service

We are a community of doers. When you work at Remington, you care about people. We strive to empower people in the communities we serve.

03. Sustainability

Remington is dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future and align with our guiding principles for innovative and ethical initiatives.

04. Military Recruiting Initiative

We respect and value the service of Veterans and their families, and are committed to supporting the military community and hiring transitioning service members into our organization. 

More about our Military Recruiting Initiative

At Remington Hospitality, we know from experience that veteran and military talent make excellent hires and thrive in our company. They bring passion, professionalism, dedication, and resilience - whether deployed or in civilian jobs - all attributes we seek in our daily recruitment efforts.
While transitioning into civilian employment isn't easy for many veterans, we welcome you and stand ready to help you develop in your career.

Human Trafficking Awareness

Remington Hospitality is vigilant in combating human trafficking. We are committed to doing our part to raise awareness, provide training, and educate all associates to put an end to this modern day challenge. Our hotels are provided with tip and hotline information and have relationships with local law enforcement to combat this issue. Remington also participates in a No Room for Trafficking Campaign every January in conjunction with the National Awareness Month.